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You want your music “produced” by someone who’s been in the business for 25 years? Need guidance for your inexperienced band project? Need assistance arranging, writing lyrics and preparing for studio (pre-production)? Need an engineer that can do freelance work in any studio, large or small? Looking for high class online mixing and mastering? Looking for the best way to invest your budget into your production? Then keep on reading!

I can provide professional production assistance as a music producer, engineer, musician, vocalist or production adviser. I’ve done all of these services and more for clients from all over the globe. From local bands to major record labels, album productions to demo preparations.

Quite simply put, I can get you the best bang for your buck. I know the quarrels of today’s market. Labels are giving out less and less and expect more and more - but you want to be on par with the big boys. We all have to make compromises, but where? If necessary I can help you make that decision.

Besides working with my own band, Pink Cream 69, I’ve spent the past 15 years dealing with all sorts of labels and clientele. From production work as a producer/engineer in large studios with platinum (link to Krokus) selling acts to newcomers trying to get their foot in the door. I’ve worked in/for/at Studios such as: HOFA, House of Music, Dirks studios, Horus Sound, Dorian Gray and Mosh Studios just to name a few. I currently work part time making video tutorials for HOFAs Online Audio Campus. Check out the gallery below when I produced a job into the Abbey Road Studios. Yes, the dreams comes true :-)!

Although there are many other websites out there that offer similar services mine is based on honest, personal communication with high professionalism at extremely reasonable prices. My work means everything to me and so does my reputation.

Check out my sample page!