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I started out wanting to make music around the age of 10.  I seemed to like all kinds music and music, as a whole, was my fuel.  My interests were so strong that I learned how to play multiple instruments in a very short amount of time.  After discovering the electric bass guitar my path was set.   Actually, I only “discovered” the electric bass because I had accidentally destroyed my Contrabass in High School.  “These things don’t grow on trees”, screamed my band director.  “Well kind of, I mean, they are made of wood”, I said before being sent to the principles office.  We had no replacement other than the Yamaha BB100 electric bass.  Lo, my path had been set.

As almost any musician would tell you I also began playing with local musician buddies and anyone that had a bit of gear at their disposal.  My father worked for the U.S. military as a civilian and we were sent overseas to Germany where I eventually graduated from High school.  Immediately afterwards I started playing on the military club circuit, which was very active during the mid 80’s, and jammed around in various bands.  After getting my “fix” I finally met the guys of my still existing band Pink Cream 69.  A year later we had landed a deal with CBS (now Sony) and we were on our way.

We worked with producer/engineer Dirk Steffens on our first 3 albums, the 3rd of which I was active in the recording process.  On our 4th record we ended up working with producer Shay Baby in L.A. (Scorpions, Bruce Dickinson, Tribe of Gypsies).  In the meantime I had collected a bit of gear myself, stuff like a small mixing console and my beloved Fostex 8track reel-to-reel.  For fun I started working with friends and fellow musicians making demos which were turning out quite ok and giving me lots of experience to what I had already learned just by “being there”.  After this album it was clear that I should record the next one.  The 5th album put me in the throne as the official Producer/engineer/mixer of Pink Cream 69.

Shortly after I did my first large-scale production aside from PC69 with Elizabeth White (1996) at Dieter Dirks studios near Colonge, Germany.  From there one thing led to another and before I knew it I was either touring with my own band or projects or I was in studio working with whomever.