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Cubase 6.5, Protools 9, Soundscape (all versions), Wavelab (all versions).

A whole bunch….

2 x TC Powercore, lot’s of 3rd party plugins;
2 x SSL Duende, with all additional plugins;
1 x UAD 2 Duo;
SSL MX 4 Madi 128 audios stream soundcard.

2 x SSL - XLogic Alpha Link MADI AX for 48 analog ins and outs plus endless routing possibilities;
Soundscape - A/D-D/A, TDIF;
Soundscape TDIF to ADAT converter;
Audient Black ADC.

Solid State Logic X-Desk Summing desk;
BBE Sonic Maximizer 462;
2 x Distressor Compressor;
Rupert Neve Portico 5043 Compressor;
TK Audio BC1 Compressor;
API 2500 Compressor;
TLA Dual Valve EQ/Preamp;
Purple Audio Action Compressor;
Portio 5042 True Tape;
Drawmer 251 Spectral Compressor;
2 x Sky Audio Mic Shaper EQ Preamp;
5 x Audient Black EQs;
5 x Audient Black Comp;
Drawmer 1960 Compressor Preamp;
Eisen Audio custom Mic Preamp;
Eisen Audio 312 Mic Preamp;
SVT Vacum Tube D.I. Preamp.

Elite Aesthet 1 w/ Carver PM 300 Poweramp;
Sky Audio Custom Monitor Speakers;
Adams Sub 10 MKII.

Yamaha 7 piece drum mics (never released prototypes);
Senheiser MD 1 x 2;
AKG D 12;
Shure 57 x 2;
Shure 58;
Shure 84 x 2;
Brauner Phantom Classic (first edition);
Blue Woodpecker;
Blue Bottle rocket;
Mojave MA 200;
And many more….

Esh Sovereign x 2 (1992);
Lag Jazz bass (1990);
Blade Jazz bass x 2 (1991);
Custom Fretless Precision (1991);
Rickenbacker 4001 (1975);
Schecter Precision (1987);
D'Alegria Custom 5 string (2006);
Sandberg California Tm 5-string Bass;
Ibanez RDGR 5 string (2007).

Gibson Les Paul Studio (2005);
Aztec Explorer (1981);
Blade Strat (1992);
Yamaha Acoustic Compass Series (2007).