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There are so many ways to “get the job done”. In this ever-changing world of excelling technology and basement studios there are often compromises that one will want to overcome. I can offer package deals to fit your needs.

For example: You’ve recorded your album, programmed your drums and want that “real” drum bonus but you can obviously not record them yourself. I can add real drums to your production, using your drummer of choice, or by suggesting a few drummers, and then top it off by recording them at HOFA Studios, or a studio of your choice, for the best possible sound. I can deliver the drum tracks so that they sit perfectly into your songs without any compromise.

Another example: You want a “producer” to help you with the song arrangements, an engineer to record your drums and mix/master the album but you want to record your guitars, vocals and keys yourself. This can easily be accomplished. We can work together communicating via email or skype and by file exchange. I can comment on your own recordings and give you tips to ensure the best possible recordings from your side.

I can offer many kinds of these package deals. Just let me know your needs by contacting my here.

Of course, I can also produce your album front to back. This is still the quickest and most professional way to make an album!